10/09/2016-Sunday-Yoga in the Vines & Deck Entertainment-RUNAWAY STROLLER

Stop by the winery in Middleburg for the second day our Annual Harvest Festival.  We have some special events going on:

YOGA IN THE VINES:  Join Johanna Kodlick of Lizard Toes Studio for our first Yoga in the vines!  Kicking off at HIGH NOON, Johanna will be leading the brigade to that higher place....while Anthony provides mello tunes to aid in the relaxation process:)  Tickets are $25/person and can be purchased by calling the winery (570-837-3644) and include a GLASS OF WINE! 

After the class has finished up, Johanna will switch hats (Anthony will already be wearing his) and join Anthony on the deck to perform as RUNAWAY STROLLER from 2:00-4:00pm.  It will be fabulous day for sure....don't miss it!

NOTE:  As part of our Harvest Weekend, we will also have the SAC Food Truck on-site to gastrically appease.  Carriage rides by Running Stream Farms and Tours of the winery will be ongoing as well......Join in on the festivities!!