08/05/2018-"SUNDAE" FUNDAY @ Shade Mtn Winery

Well aren't we clever...ha! Join us for our "Sundae" Funday on Sunday, August 5th.....as you may have already guessed, we will have "Sweet Dreams" ice cream and sorbets for the taking provided by local phood phenom, Justin Leach. Justin has artfully crafted several stupendous sorbets & ice creams....we will offer samples and larger portions (with some wine added;) which can be purchased for a small fee.
And it doesn't stop there.....back by popular demand-Tyler Spooner will be on the deck providing an afternoon of fabulous tunes (1:30ish-3:30ish). However, we are doubling the dynamic as he will be joined by fellow musician, Sean Farley.  Sundaes + Shade Mtn Wines + stellar Spooner & Sean Farley= Funday for sure! Hope to see you there.